Certified Master Speciality Online | In Person
MediterraneanTan™ - Certified Master Speciality

Certified Master Speciality Online | In Person

Part Number:MediterraneanTan™ - Certified Master Speciality
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MediterraneanTan™ - Certified Master Specialty


MediterraneanTan™ Training Academy Certified Master Specialty Spray Tanning Technician Bridal, Glamour, Contouring And Body Building

Course Level: Advanced

Course Duration: 3 Hours

Prerequisite: MediterraneanTan™ Training Academy Accredited Certificate

Cost: $695.00* IN PERSON or $395.00 ONLINE - PRACTICAL ONLY

Course Description: Take your business and your profits to a new level. Once you have mastered the art and science of spray tanning - add in up sells to your menu.  Bridal, glamour, Body building and Contouring are all specialty spraying that you need to get perfect! So make sure you can deliver the results every time.  Add in some abs, contour away hips or add some extra definition. Your clients will love the results and you will love the extra revenue. Your education is an investment in your business. Don’t risk your training to just anyone. 

Make sure the person educating you is ACTUALLY QUALIFIED TO TRAIN YOU. If they are NOT qualified with a beauty qualification AND a teaching/training qualification then THEY are not qualified to train you – no matter who they are or how good they may be. It speaks volumes that if your trainer has not taken their own training seriously then how you can take them seriously. 

Provided: All equipment (in Person) Online Training (you provide own equipment), manuals, workbooks and enrollment forms.

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