MTWB® 2 HOUR Dark -20% DHA - INDUCTAFUZE® Violet - VBS®
2 HR Violet Dark INDUCTAFUZE 20% DHA

MTWB® 2 HOUR Dark -20% DHA - INDUCTAFUZE® Violet - VBS®

Part Number:2 HR Dark - VBS® - 20% DHA - INDUCTAFUZE® Violet 1L
  • 2 HR VIOLET Inductafuze DARK LITER:2 HR VIOLET Inductafuze DARK 20% DHA
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MediterraneanTan® 2 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE® Violet - VBS®


MediterraneanTan® 2 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE® Violet - VBS®
DHA 20%  - Dark Bronzer
Escape to the unique experience that can only be yours.

MediterraneanTan™ is Miss Universe® Australia’s chosen spray tan, named in Spa Australia as the number one brand and as seen in Vogue Australia. MediterraneanTan™ delivers results; exotic deep dark colours combined with a luxurious exotic skin treatment. Our 2 Hour solution is scientifically proven to deliver darker results and faster development times. 

Made in a certified organic environment, MediterraneanTan™ the only choice for ensuring all your health and beauty needs. 

Inductafuze® Violet reflects your own individual skin tones and are guaranteed to never throw an orange colour when used in conjunction with the MediterraneanTan® spray tan system.

Hand Held Application: 
Suitable for all HVLP or air brush machines regardless of manufacturer. Please follow manufacturer’s instructions. Clean equipment as per manufacturer’s instructions. 

Instructions for Use:
Ensure the client has waxed, shaved and exfoliated at least the day prior. Ensure the client does not apply moisturiser, deodorant or perfume to the skin. We recommend that you don’t wear any makeup. Spritz Mediterranean™ Pre Spray onto clean skin. Apply 50 - 70mls of spray tan to the skin. Note: spray lightly over elbows, ankles, wrists, knees, fingers and toes as these areas tend to darken in excess. Lightly spritz on Mediterranean™ Post Spray whilst spray tan is damp. Dry spray tan as usual. Do not wet the skin for at least 2 hours after the tanning session. Do not exercise or perspire excessively for 4 hours after rinse. 

At 2 hours: 
After application have a light 60 second rinse in the shower (no rubbing or products), pat dry and away you go. After rinse the instant bronzer will wash away and the full results will develop within 24 hours. For the first 24 hours only shower with warm water and pat dry. After 24 hours use Mediterranean™ pH Balanced Body Wash daily and use Mediterranean™ Tan Extender liberally at night. After initial application you may decide a darker result is required - the rinse off time can then be 4 hours but must be rinsed off by 4 hours. Skin Type 3 and above may leave on for up to 6 hours.

This product does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn. Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive mucous membranes. Clients with sensitive skin may need to perform a patch test and rinse prior to the 2 Hours if it becomes itchy. This product is designed for professional use. For complete instructions and education on how to achieve the most from your MediterraneanTan™ product please visit Ensure you consult the MediterraneanTan™ - Spray Tan Preparation and Maintenance guide with your client to ensure results last. Ensure you review the MediterraneanTan™ education booklet. 

Store out of direct sunlight in a controlled environment less than 16ºc, to ensure best product efficiency as per best before date. May be stored in the fridge.

MediterraneanTan® 2 HOUR Dark - INDUCTAFUZE® Violet - VBS® contains NO Erythrulose, Propylene Glycol or Parabens. This product is 100% Vegan and is Nut Free.


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