Posted by Melissa Latimer, Brought to you from Andrea Taylor on 5/8/2019 to Why Mediterranean Tan

We are absolutely ecstatic to announce that our products are:

  • allergy certified 
  • made safe
  • toxic free
  • by Safe Cosmetics Australia! Make sure you shout loud and proud that you care about your clients wellbeing, which is why you choose Mediterranean Tan.

    Andrea’s extensive critical care nursing background and thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology gives her the edge when manufacturing spray tan and other cosmetics. Andrea advocates the importance of quality products made from quality ingredients. Andrea recognises that other companies would not have the scientific or medical knowledge to make decisions about ingredients in their products.

    We don’t know any other spray tan brand owner who still sprays EVERYDAY, and has the medical/scientific qualifications that Andrea has. Most other brands either don’t spray, or employ chemists to manufacture their products. They certainly don’t have medical training. It gives Andrea the edge and the ability to make great decisions about what ingredients - DO AT A MEDICAL LEVEL – TO YOUR HEALTH. This is why we have chosen to partner with Safe Cosmetics Australia.

    Safe Cosmetics Australia (SCA) campaigns to raise chemical awareness

    Acting as a consumer voice and third party for brands, SCA is continuously propelling the beauty industry to exclude and restrict potentially harmful chemicals from their products. Safe Cosmetics Australia is calling all brands to provide ingredient transparency and to leave out chemicals that are known to be toxic or associated with triggering allergies and skin irritation. SCA campaigns to improve the standards of cosmetics, personal care and household products. Governing the terms Australian Certified Toxic-Free®, Made Safe® and Allergy Certified® SCA's registered Australian trademarks are licensed to brands that pledge to uphold greater manufacturing principles. With so much MIS information in the beauty industry it is wonderful to have the backing of such a consumer advocate based body. Andrea Taylor has been a very vocal voice about spray tan safety for over 20 years and was instrumental in advocating the removal of Propylene glycol from spray tan solutions. " It was horrible how many brands have Petro chemicals in them and every chance i got to tell the world about them I did. Eventually brands began to change the chemicals in them. We have a responsibility to ensure people's health and I particularly are interested in women's health. Considering most of the spray tan clients and spray tanners are females, I feel a tremendous amount of responsibly to protect all of us.

    Products supplied by the beauty industry are used every day by millions of consumers and businesses. World wide over 90.5 million people are involved in the beauty industry, this creates retail sales of over $147- AUS billion annually. There are over 80,000+ chemicals available world-wide, 40,000 of these are permitted in cosmetics and everyday household products with 1,000+ new chemicals being made each and every year. The lack of mandatory regulations allows products to be sold without testing for health and safety, fragrances alone can contain in excess of 3,000+ chemicals used to create a single scent. This factor alone gives consumers every reason to ask for greater ingredient transparency.

    The Toxic-Free Campaign highlights the need to raise chemical awareness regarding the use of personal care products, cosmetics, sunscreens, perfumes and fragrances, oral hygiene, cleaning agents and pet care. It is important to understand the role these products play in our daily lives, and to scrutinise the use of chemicals in everyday products. SCA's mission is to:

    • Safeguard Consumer Health by raising chemical awareness and promoting brands that exclude chemicals of concern.
    • Promoting Personal Wellbeing by recognising brands that provide Natural & Organic products that are free-from chemicals of concern.
    • Raising Industry Standards that shape the future of Australian products used by consumers, institutions, industry, manufacturing and agriculture.
    • Campaign For Legislation to assess chemical safety prior to approving chemicals for use in Australia, and to encourage sustainable practices.
    • Encourage Self-Regulation by beauty brands to exclude and restrict chemicals of concern.

    Why choose certified products?

    Independent certifications makes it easier for consumers to find top rated, and trusted products, that match their own health and beauty philosophy. Safe Cosmetics Australia's campaign provides manufactures with guidelines to formulate products that consumers seek. Ultimately cosmetics should be made safe® with quality ingredients, and never nasty chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic or irritating potentially skin sensitising chemicals.

    Australia does not have its own pharmacopoeia. This is an official publication by a Government or medical or pharmaceutical society, that lists medicinal drugs with their directions for their use, it provides guideline usage and their effects. Australian manufacturers are advised by the TGA to rely on "any of the British Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, and United States Pharmacopoeia-National Formulary". Whilst NICNAS assesses the risks of industrial chemicals, this is only after consumers have reported adverse health issues relating to chemical use in everyday products. But how many of us report skin irritation to authorities?


    Erythrulose is included in a lot of self tanning products, as it reacts with the amino acids in the skin’s surface layer to create a tanned look (just like DHA). It is used to boost the performance of lower quality and lower performing DHA. However, Erythrulose produces a lighter colour, takes a lot longer to develop and fades faster than DHA.

    At Mediterranean Tan, we don’t need to add erythrulose to our products to boost their performance, because we only use the finest natural grade DHA sourced from France.

    The best DHA will always produce the deepest colour, the longest tan and shortest development times.

    Australian Allergy Certified® brands are required to submit clinical test reports or formulate their products within SCA's campaign objectives. Formulated free from chemicals published under Key Issues and/or usage restrictions applied. Full disclosure of restricted allergens is required to confirm the nature of the formulation or brands can submit clinical test results confirming suitability of their products for sensitive allergy prone skin.

    Chemicals should be accurately tested for human safety by testing only on humans, and not testing on animals. Australia has strict laws against animal testing, but many companies are still carrying out animal testing of their products and ingredients on unwilling animals in overseas laboratories. The carnage has to end, animal cruelty is shameful and unnecessary. Safe Cosmetics Australia is proud to have zero tolerance for testing on animals, accepting only test results on consenting humans.

    Safe Cosmetics Australia is proud to support the global movement to end testing on animals. Every year toxicity tests blind, burn and poison animals to death. Countless rabbits, dogs and other animals suffer every year, but they suffer in vain. Differences in animal physiology means that chemicals should be tested on humans and nothing else. Tests carried out on animals are not accurate, and SCA does not support animal cruelty.