Worlds First Green|Violet|Red Base Solution™ Samples - Our Unique Bases are designed to out preform any other Spray Tan solutions on the Market. Uniquely counteracts the dreaded 'O' Our Green Base Solution™ Red/Rosy Undertones, Violet Base Solution™ Yellow undertones & Red Base Solution™ - Any Skin Type/Undertone. Our InductaFuze™ Process in our Red Base Solution™ Is a GAME Changer to our Spray Tan World....
  • Green Base Solutions ™
    Green Base Solution™ 1, 2 & 8 HOUR choices, reflects your own individual skin tones and is guaranteed to never throw an orange colour when used in conjunction with the MediterraneanTan™ spray tan system.
  • Violet Base Solutions ™
    Violet Base Solutions ™ delivers results; exotic deep dark colours combined with a luxurious exotic skin treatment. Our 1, 2, & 8 Hour solutions are scientifically proven to deliver darker results and faster development times.
  • Red Base Solutions ™
    Mediterranean Tan’s® Red Base Solution™ is suitable for all skin tones, counteracting any orange/brassy undertones to produce a deep bronzed look. Think Rose Gold. Inductafuze® Technology is scientific manufacturing breakthrough allowing the direct infusion of 11 different hydrating oils. Collagen and melanin infusion ensures a darker result whilst producing enhanced skin elasticity and anti-aging properties.
  • Dancers Dark ™
    This brand has been designed to perform under the spotlight. Whether you are a performer, body builder, dancer or just an everyday beauty, Dancers Dark™ has been engineered to achieve the best results in the tanning world.
  • Twilight Colour Collection ™
    TWILIGHT A dark 1 hour tan with an incredible depth, range of colours and a vanilla musk fragrance. The Twilight Colour Collection ™ helps you achieve your perfect shade.
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