Why are Some Spray Tans Better than Others

Posted by on 8/1/2016
Why are Some Spray Tans Better than Others
We believe there is a difference among suppliers in consistency between batches, purity,
freshness of product when delivered for use and responsiveness to volumes and needs.
There are only 2 suppliers of DHA which have had their DHA approved for usage in organic
products by EcoCert.
So how do you know which products are the ones that use the “good quality DHA” when
there is so much creative marketing out there? The products will have “EcoCert Approved
DHA” on them. The EcoCert approval of DHA means basically they make their DHA in
ecologically sensitive ways, is an ingredient of natural origin and it is not made with any
prohibited method. As mentioned EcoCert only certifies products as NATURAL or NATURAL
and ORGANIC. DHA from the 2 suppliers is EcoCert approved for use in certified products
but not certified itself.
Contrary to what is being said in the market, there is no organic DHA as far as we
know and certainly not an EcoCert Organic DHA as we have asked both suppliers for
organic certificates and they are unable to supply one.
This is different to the term “Eco-Certified” and we are unaware of where this comes from.
The entity EcoCertcertifies natural and organic products but they do not use “Eco-Certified”
wording. This seems to be an attempt to imply that EcoCert has certified the product. This is
not the case and is very misleading. Creative marketing for sure!